Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pilgrimage- now & ancient times

The Pilgrimage which has its Hindi meaning "Tritha yatra" were related with geo piety ( related with devotion)in earlier times. However, now with more and more commercialization and materialism creeping into our lives, the concept of pilgrimage tourism has also started changing.Today people want luxuries,pleasure and comforts on the pilgrimage trips.All this has drastically changed the very basis of the pilgrimage tourism and has resulted into some unforeseen but related developments.It now requires development of vast tertiary sector through which all comforts could be provided to a tourist.Such development means overhauling of the existing socio-economic structure of a particular area.  It results in the rise of large towns and various crafts.At the same time it also means disturbing the eco logical balance- polluting the environment. pace of mind and sloace through pilgrimage are also becoming things of  the  bygone days.
Pilgramage in Indian History- 
India has its olden age full of tourism traditions.There are many stories which tells us the history of tourism in India.Our literature is full from the yatra stories of kings,sags and normal men &women. Besides,history is also full of references of traders and merchants roaming from place to place in connection with their activities. Traditionally Hindu was supposed to perform yatra to four Dhams which are situated in Four corners of India- in the West Dwarika (on the sea shore);in the East Jagannath Puri (on the sea coast);in the north Badrinath (on the hills);and in the south Rameshwaram 

(on the Indian ocean coast).Thirtha yatras were mainly spread along  the river bluffs and confluences.The holy river Ganga and Yamuna have long been venerated and large of hymns were composed by the Aryans which are also called Hindus in praise of Ganga. Earlier,Pilgrimage was associated with purity of thought and undertaken for expation of sins or for salivation.The concept of pilgrimage was  "the harder Journey the better the rewarded"which is called "Phal".Thus,the pilgrims needed minimum infrastructural Facilities.
But now a days the pilgrimage picture has been changed.Now pilgrims want pleasure so they demands vast infrastructure in tertiary sector.Now it has begun a deep impacts.

Monday, October 22, 2012

What is Tourism?

Tourism has various definitions.In those definitions this has a very open meaning
"Tourism is an activity resulting from travelling and visiting an area by people who are not the residents of that area implies the existence of a set of products and operations pertaining to such tourist sites."

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